Podiatry and Chiropody for you . . . Treatment Price ( per 1/2 hour )
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A visit to the Podiatrist  is the best place to get expert advice and treatment for all types of foot pain and discomfort. Advise and referral when attending FootHouse involves the Podiatrist asking about medical history and along with assessment and treatment will advise you on any other signs, symptoms and conditions that may be apparent. Of course not all conditions of the foot can be treated by the chiropodist. Many times signs and symptoms shown in the feet are indicative of other local or systemic disease, Heart and Vascular disease or Diabetes for instance. At these times referral to another health professional, usually your GP will be advised.

If you are still unsure if you need to see a Podiatrist then feel free to contact us today!

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First Appointment - £35 GBP

Follow up Appointments - £27 GBP

Additional Time Charged @ £10 GBP per 10 Minutes pro rata

Most appointments take between 20 - 35 minutes

Laser Fungal Nail Treatment £600

Local Anesthetic for Nail surgery & verrucae treatment £POA

Biomechanics for you . . . Treatment Price

In the clinical situation the podiatrist will look at the way you stand, the way you walk, grade and measure how your joints work, examine your shoes and lesions on your feet. All these clues along with your clinical and medical history will build a picture of your biomechanical function and also indicate how to design and prescribe an orthotic.

An orthotic is a special insole that changes the way forces act thru the feet from the ground and so affects the forces through the rest of the body. The damage caused will manifest itself as pain in certain areas of the foot or sometimes more proximal areas such as the ankle, knee, hip, or back. The design of the orthotic is crucial in terms of treating and resolving the presented painful complaint but also it must not cause any further or consequent trauma to other parts of the body. This balance is a skillful process.

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Initial Assessment - £20 ( 1/2 hr )

Full Assessment from £45 GBP

Usually once the type of Orthosis has been decided upon ( usually at the initial assessment ) we give an all in price which includes everything from initial assessment to final review.
Bio-Kinetic Solutions for you . . . Treatment Price
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Along with Hi tec equipment from Amfit , Templo  and FootPro , David Smith the Podiatrist and Biomechanist has qualifications that give a unique insite into gait analysis and orthotic design.

The motion analysis and Dynamic foot pressure mapping is useful to anyone who requires detailed data capture, recording and detailed analysis of any human motion of interest but particularly those involved in ambulation.

2D Video can be synchronised with the dynamic foot pressure recordings and presented as a report on CD. The report can show vectors and joint angles, velocities and discreet force area data, in slow motion or frame by frame or a squence of still photographs with overlayed graphics to highlight areas of interest. The possibilities and uses are almost endless and will be of immense service in the detailed analysis and evaluation of many activity related pathological conditions or sporting actions.

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2D Video and Pressure Mapping from £45 GBP ( POA the cost will vary depending on the type of analysis and report you require )
Insoles and Orthoses for you . . .
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Bespoke Orthotics (including treatment plan) £320 GBP

Re-Order of orthotics £180 GBP

Ready made orthotics £65 - 100 GBP

Ready made temporary insoles and orthotics £25 - 50 GBP

Plain Comfort Insoles £15 - 25 GBP

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