If your not sure who to see and what can be done about your foot problem or a pain that affects your daily life, then have a browse through these answers to common questions.


How can I be sure the Podiatrist I see is suitably qualified?

Easy, all practitioners who work under the title of Chiropodist or Podiatrist must be registered by law with the HPC (Health Professionals Council). Registration requires standards of qualification and practice that adhere to strict guidelines given by the HPC and the professional bodies. David Smith is a registered HPC podiatrist No.21258 and a meber of the Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists. Registration certificates are displayed in the clinic. (back to top)

I have heel pain, who should I see?

You could attend your GP or a Physiotherapist but a Podiatrist is uniquely qualified to deal with foot pain. Heel pain is a very common presentation that we sucessfully deal with most days of the week. Don't forget you can find out the problem at your initial consultation on your first visit for just £20. (back to top)

My feet feel like they are burning, what can I do?

Burning sensations in the feet are caused by any number of conditions from poor circulation, excessive callus build up, neuropathy (nerves) and other medical conditions. There are many solutions to this problem and the Podiatrist can address many of them. (back to top)

Ive been everywhere trying to sort out my painful condition, but so far nothing has worked! Is it worth seeing the Podiatrist?

Yes! At your intitial consultation,which is just £20, we will be able to tell if your complaint can be resolved. If it cannot we will tell you, however many problems with back, hips, and lower limbs originate from the foundation of the feet. Biomechanics approaches this in a different way to other health professionals and so very often we can help to reduce or resolve your pain. (back to top)

I get a shooting pain in my toes when im walking. It goes away if I stop remove my shoe a massage my foot. It seems to be getting worse whatever I do. Can it be resolved?

Yes! This type of toe pain has a very common cause and can be easily treated in most cases. (back to top)

My feet hurt and I hobble when I get up in the morning, and it makes me feel about 20 years older than I am. Is it age? - Do I just have to put up with it?

No! and No again, this type of pain is called post static dyskinesia and is typical of biomechanical dysfunction. Ring the FootHouse to schedule your initial consultation to find out how we will resolve this painful problem. (back to top)

How much will it cost to visit the Podiatrist?

Obviously this is something we would like to know before agreeing to treatment that may be expensive. Chiropody treatment is charged by time and the rates are shown in the prices section. Customers are always advised of any extra costs that may be incurred. Biomechanical problems are discussed at an initial assessment consultation and this is just £20. At this time you will find out about costs and any other information you may request. Most people agree that the value of comfortable, pain free feet is remembered far longer than the cost. (back to top)

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