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FootHouse is a modern foot and lower limb care clinic based in Folkestone Kent established in 1999. We offer first class chiropody and podiatry services and specialise in Biomechanics. We incorporate Bio-Kinetic solutions with our state of the art Gait analysis equipment, which include 2D Video gait analysis and synchronised pressure mapping. This means we are able to provide the very best custom insoles and orthoses specific to your needs.

At FootHouse we use Amfit Footfax CAD-CAM foot digitizer, Templo 2D Video analysis and AMcube Foot Pro pressure mapping system. This enables us to fully assess the kinetics and kinematics (forces and motion) of the body and capture the foot profile ready for design and manufacture of the orthotics.

In association with Insole Pro and MAR systems we can offer one of the fastest and most in depth biomechanical assessment and orthosis production service in south east England.

Professional Associates

David K. Smith

David is a HPC registered podiatrist and a Member of the Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists. He has completed an MSc in applied Biomechanics at Strathclyde University and is a member of i-FAB (international Foot and Ankle Biomechanics). David Smith is the proprietor of FootHouse.

David K. Smith HPC Registration Number 21258


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Podiatry and Chiropody at FootHouse

Podiatry and Chiropody, two words synonymous with each other and yet often confusing in definition of the difference between the two. In terms of qualification they are exactly the same and have no legal difference in meaning or application.  Podiatry is the more modern name that has been adopted instead of Chiropody especially within the NHS. Podiatry implies a greater knowledge and understanding of foot problems and their local or systemic origins. This distinction between the two terms has come about since most Podiatrists are now professionally qualified and all are registered and regulated by the HPC (Health Professionals Council).

At FootHouse we use the term Podiatrist to describe the clinician. The term Chiropody is used to describe the consideration and treatment of skin and nail conditions, which are in contrast to painful foot conditions that have a Biomechanical cause i.e. Problems caused by the way you walk and stand the foot posture and the gait.

At FootHouse the Podiatrist provides a 1st class chiropody service, from one off treatments for ingrown nails and painful corns for instance, to regular routine care of reoccurring conditions such as nail growth, thickened nails, dry skin, cracked heels, corns and callus, athletes foot etc. We give advice and referral for many systemic and local conditions that affect the foot but require the attention of different health professional services such as, medical testing and scans, GP, Physiotherapist.

David Smith the Podiatrist is also qualified and specialises in Applied Biomechanics and will diagnose and treat painful foot and lower limb conditions that have a biomechanical cause related to gait (walking style) and posture. These are such conditions as a painful heel, an arch pain that is worse after resting or getting up in the morning, shooting toe pains, ankle, knee and hip pain. These are often treated using special insoles or orthoses plus physical therapy like mobilising and stretching and strengthening techniques and/or referral to a Physiotherapist or other appropriate health professional service. Foot and leg pain has been very successfully treated for many years at FootHouse and we have many satisfied, pain free customers.

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