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FootHouse is a modern foot and lower limb care clinic based in Folkestone Kent established in 1999. We offer first class chiropody and podiatry services and specialise in Biomechanics. We incorporate Bio-Kinetic solutions with our state of the art Gait analysis equipment, which include 2D Video gait analysis and synchronised pressure mapping. This means we are able to provide the very best custom insoles and orthoses specific to your needs.

At FootHouse we use Amfit Footfax CAD-CAM foot digitizer, Templo 2D Video analysis and AMcube Foot Pro pressure mapping system. This enables us to fully assess the kinetics and kinematics (forces and motion) of the body and capture the foot profile ready for design and manufacture of the orthotics.

In association with Insole Pro and MAR systems we can offer one of the fastest and most in depth biomechanical assessment and orthosis production service in south east England.

Professional Associates

David K. Smith

David is a HPC registered podiatrist and a Member of the Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists. He has completed an MSc in applied Biomechanics at Strathclyde University and is a member of i-FAB (international Foot and Ankle Biomechanics). David Smith is the proprietor of FootHouse.

David K. Smith HPC Registration Number 21258

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Biomechanics at FootHouse

What is Biomechanics?  Applied Biomechanics is the concept of mechanical engineering principles applied to the clinical situation. This is done by considering the forces and motion (kinetics and kinematics) of the body and its limb segments and how they might be changed to reduce or resolve pain in a certain joint, limb, muscle, tendon, ligament or bone.

In some cases the problem is not one of pain but one of sub optimal function. In these cases the biomechanist will assess how to change forces and motion with the aim of increasing efficiency of movement for some activity such as running or other sporting activity.

As you will be aware force is require for movement of the body or even just to stand up. The internal forces of Joints, muscles and tendons etc are in a constantly resisting the external forces of gravity and friction. At times these forces will exceed the optimal working level and will cause damage to tissues of the body. This may be due to misalignment of the limb or joint, overuse, stiffness (perhaps due to ageing process) or even laxity of the joint. Some people are what is commonly called double jointed or hypermobile and this can result is significant biomechanical dysfunction and painful damage to body tissues. We assess the biomechanical function using clinical experience and observational skill combined with biometric measurement. We also use state of the art technology such as AM3 pressure mapping, Amfit Footscanner, and Templo 2D video analysis and treadmill. Using these we can also produce highly technical reports for insurance or referral purposes.

Many biomechanical dysfunctions are quite obvious and well known and are often referred to in terms like ‘excessive pronation’ or ‘shin splints’, policeman’s heel and plantar fasciitis etc. Others are less obvious and have no common term, however with careful and in depth examination and assessment, most painful conditions can be resolved with the correct treatment plan.

This is the skill of the biomechanist i.e. to determine the nature and application of the external forces that result in internal tissue pathology (damage) and how to reduce those forces with an appropriate treatment plan. The treatment plan also has a clinical element and the skill here is to identify the actual tissue that is traumatised and give rehabilitation treatment to heal the damaged tissue.

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