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FootHouse is a modern foot and lower limb care clinic based in Folkestone Kent established in 1999. We offer first class chiropody and podiatry services and specialise in Biomechanics. We incorporate Bio-Kinetic solutions with our state of the art Gait analysis equipment, which include 2D Video gait analysis and synchronised pressure mapping. This means we are able to provide the very best custom insoles and orthoses specific to your needs.

At FootHouse we use Amfit Footfax CAD-CAM foot digitizer, Templo 2D Video analysis and AMcube Foot Pro pressure mapping system. This enables us to fully assess the kinetics and kinematics (forces and motion) of the body and capture the foot profile ready for design and manufacture of the orthotics.

In association with Insole Pro and MAR systems we can offer one of the fastest and most in depth biomechanical assessment and orthosis production service in south east England.

Professional Associates

David K. Smith

David is a HPC registered podiatrist and a Member of the Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists. He has completed an MSc in applied Biomechanics at Strathclyde University and is a member of i-FAB (international Foot and Ankle Biomechanics). David Smith is the proprietor of FootHouse.

David K. Smith HPC Registration Number 21258

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Bio-Kinetic Solutions at FootHouse

The term ‘Active Bio-Kinetic Solutions’ describes what it is we try to achieve at FootHouse Podiatry.  During activity external forces of friction and gravity act on the body and its joints and segments, sometimes these forces are excessive and cause pain and incorrect function. At FootHouse we determine the nature of those forces and design a solution to the painful problem that is presented by the customer.

How do we achieve this?

FootHouse has a gait analysis suite with state of the art technology from MAR Systems that include Templo 2D video analysis and AM³ pressure mapping. These give us accurate clues as to the nature of the forces acting on the body during an activity such as walking and running.

By recording the walking or running on video with proprietary software we can slow the motion to review the progression and style of the gait and use tools to measure joint angles and limb positions. Using AM³ force and pressure mapping system we can view and analyse how the forces are applied under foot. By combining the data from both we can get an indication of how the forces are acting at a certain joint or segment of interest and design an intervention or treatment plan to change those forces so they are no longer damaging to the body.

As well as being beneficial to the local area of interest to the customer, i.e. the bit that hurts or doesn’t function correctly, balancing forces at the feet is beneficial to the body as a whole. When the feet and lower limbs are balanced then so usually is the entire posture. Balanced forces working at optimal levels means increased efficiency and reduced stress and fatigue in joints and muscles.

The video and pressure mapping scans can be viewed by the customer in clinic so that they can see more clearly what the problem is and what we are trying to achieve to make them better. Further to this we can also reproduce video and scan in detailed IT media reports on CD ROM and / or paper print outs for use by other health professionals or insurance companies.

For more in depth information on pressure mapping try this link http://physicaltherapyjournal.com/cgi/reprint/80/4/399 - or go to - marsystems.co.uk - to find out more about AM³ pressure mapping and Templo 2D Video systems.


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